• Valerie Sinti


i-SMART Music Modules, Arts Education, Music Education, pedagogy innovation, teaching and learning, early intervention


i-SMART Music Modules are a reference material for assisting primary school teachers to generate ideas, plan and implement various teaching and learning in music education. These modules are used to meet the classroom assessment requirements set by the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE). The contents of the modules are based on the Malaysian Standard Curriculum and Assessment Document, the Music Education Teaching Guides (Curriculum Development Section) and the Arts Education and Music Education textbook. i-SMART Music Modules are divided into two modules namely Level 1 Modules (Year 1 to 3) and Level II Modules (Year 4 to 6). The Level 1 modules have different content with Level II modules. The Level 1 modules are produced by the Malaysian Standard Curriculum and Assessment Document (New Revision) for the Arts Education subject. It contains a variety of teaching and learning activities such as artwork, presentations and cultural arts based on four curriculum modules (Art Language, Art Skills, Creativity and Art Innovation, and Art Appreciation). Level II modules include exercises (song, recorder and music notation) and questions (subjective & objective). The general interpretation of pupil’s level of mastery, the answers to objective questions, and the example of the teacher’s Daily Lesson Plan based on 21st Century Learning are also available.i-SMART Music Modules can be a student exercise book in the classroom that is then restored and reinforced by activities in the modules. These modules are expected to help teachers to translate the aspirations of the Malaysian Primary School Standard Curriculum for Arts Education and Music Education.




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