About the Journal

The Best Practices in Disability-Inclusive Education book is a compilation of articles written by special education and inclusive teachers, sharing insights derived from their extensive experiences with learners with disabilities in various educational settings. The contributions encompass both classroom and non-classroom environments, highlighting effective teaching and learning strategies. This comprehensive resource consolidates best practices in disability-inclusive education, with a specific focus on insights and experiences from Southeast Asian countries.

This inclusive resource is intended to motivate Inclusive and Special Education Teachers to share knowledge through writing and implement best practices in their classrooms for the benefit of learners with disabilities. It is hoped that this book will serve as a valuable reference for inclusive learning practices, benefiting not only teachers but also parents seeking insights for their children.

It is essential to emphasize that SEAMEO SEN holds the copyright for the editorial contents, whereas authors retain the copyrights for their respective articles. Rigorous evaluations by appointed reviewers ensure the quality of all submitted articles.