About the Journal

The Best Practices in Disability-Inclusive Education book is a collection of best practice articles written by special education and inclusive teachers based on the extensive experience of teachers together with their learners with disabilities during teaching and learning either inside or outside the classrooms. The publication of this book is hoped to be a motivation to all Inclusive and Special Education Teachers to continue cultivating the sharing of knowledge through writing, as well as to adapt the best practices in their classrooms for the advantage of learners with disabilities as a whole. SEAMEO SEN believes this book will serve as a referral source for best practices to promote inclusive learning for learners with disabilities. It is hoped that besides teachers, other parties such as parents can also benefit from these best practices for their children. Published articles are written in Bahasa Melayu and English. The editorial contents are the ownership of SEAMEO SEN while Authors own the copyrights for their respective articles. All submitted articles have been evaluated by appointed reviewers.