Collage Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills Mastery in Students with Learning Disabilities


  • Akmal binti Shafie


students with learning disabilities, fine motor, collage, sensory motor, writing skills


Fine motor skills are critical in the cognitive development of students with learning disabilities. It is the ability or skill of using sensory motor, which involves the coordination of small muscle movements. Collage is one method for overcoming students' failure to master basic manipulative skills such as holding, grasping, and performing other hand activities due to weak hand muscles. This best practice aims to improve students' ability to hold a pencil correctly and firmly so that they can write beautifully and neatly. Students must clump, crumple, tear or cut, twist, and paste in order for their hand muscles to develop properly. This practice also helps students to improve their listening, following instructions, cooperating, and social skills with their peers. Pre-writing abilities have been successfully enhanced by using this best practice, which also helps student cut and coloring beautifully and precisely. In general, this best practice has been effective in helping students with learning disabilities develop their fine motor and sensory skills. In order to fully address the issue of students untidy writing, it is desired that this technique can be consistently applied to all Integration Special Education Program students at SK Belimbing Dalam (Belimbing Dalam National School).




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