‘Aktiviti Ceriakan Pagi Kita’ Improves Communication Ability/Skills of Students with Special Needs


  • Siti Hamidah binti Selamat
  • Hanisah binti Bador


communication, special needs education, Aktiviti Ceriakan Pagi Kita


Communication plays a vital role in every stage of human life. Poor, ineffective communication becomes barrier to the exchange of information, knowledge and developing relationships with others. The purpose of the articles is to exchange knowledge on how to improves communication skills among Special Needs Student (MBPK) at Sekolah Kebangsaan Tun Syed Ahmad Shahabudin (Tun Syed Ahmad Shahabudin National School) through ‘Aktiviti Ceriakan Pagi Kita’ in the MeKAR (Melonjakkan Kecemerlangan Ar-Rayyan) Programme. The activities propose to observe the extent MBPK communication ability can improves through ‘Aktiviti Ceriakan Pagi Kita’. The practices targeting a group of 19 MBPK from Orkid 1 dan Orkid 2 classes in 2022. The data was collected using observation methods supported by checklists and questionnaires from parents point of views as well as video recordings. The data was analysed dicriptively and narratively. The data obtained from the previous activities that have been carried out show that the implementation of these activities has successfully improved the communication skills of MBPK. In addition, the practices can improve the teacher's teaching and learning process in the classroom, while planning and implementing the activity. Moreover, the curriculum of ‘Aktiviti Ceriakan Pagi Kita’ in the MeKAR Program Module is a modification of the Year 1 Special Education KSSR curriculum activities.




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