• Nazmin binti Abdullah
  • Maisarah binti A Aziz
  • Noor Shahanis binti Abdullah
  • Ruwaida binti Yussof
  • Nurul Nadia binti Razak
  • Norsyahirah binti Romly
  • Mohd Shazrul Faiz bin Azmi


individuals with learning disabilities, community-based rehabilitation program, Perlis Special Teens Centre (PeSTeC), economic empowerment


Individuals with learning disabilities are a group that requires specialized support to lead self- determined lives. In spite of this, many structural barriers hinder their participation and inclusion in society. In Perlis, Northern Malaysia, Perlis Special Teens Centre (PeSTeC) is a community-based rehabilitation program designed to increase the social and economic capabilities of individuals with learning disabilities. This study intends to explore the center’s mission in engaging families, communities, and stakeholders in the pursuit of independence for the learning disabled. A qualitative research method through a case study is utilized to achieve the objective of this research. In-depth interviews with PeSTeC committee members, the program's management, and participants with learning disabilities served as the primary method of data collection for this study. The annual activity reports from PeSTeC were used to acquire secondary data. A thematic analysis is used to identify the themes that emerged in the data gathered. The findings showcased the resounding success of the community-based rehabilitation program, which effectively utilized PeSTeC's meticulously designed training modules to empower individuals with learning disabilities through a diverse range of on-the- job activities, including agriculture, food production, animal rearing, and craft-making. The program's triumph was further fortified by the proactive involvement of facilitators and the enthusiastic participation of families, local communities, and stakeholders across Perlis, particularly, and Malaysia at large. The program effectively enhanced the quality of life of the learning disabled and provided them with equality of opportunity to become contributing members of society. Future research has the potential to make valuable contributions to the existing body of literature by conducting a longitudinal study that explores the effectiveness and outcomes of community-based rehabilitation programs. By placing a strong emphasis on data collection from individuals with learning disabilities, researchers can delve deeper into the subject matter and provide a more profound understanding of the topic.




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Nazmin binti Abdullah, Maisarah binti A Aziz, Noor Shahanis binti Abdullah, Ruwaida binti Yussof, Nurul Nadia binti Razak, Norsyahirah binti Romly, & Mohd Shazrul Faiz bin Azmi. (2023). FOSTERING INDEPENDENCE: PERLIS SPECIAL TEENS CENTRE ENGAGES FAMILIES, COMMUNITIES, AND STAKEHOLDERS. Proceedings of International Conference on Special Education, 5. Retrieved from