Improving English Language Achievement in Special Education Students (MBPK) Through Music Video Method


  • Jamilahbi Binti Mohamed Ishaque


English, Music Videos, Special Education Students


Each student with Special Educational Needs (MBPK) learns differently, especially if the student is exposed to something new, such as the use of English language in their lesson. According to the teachers' initial observations, the majority of the MBPK failed to master this subject due to their very limited cognitive abilities and the use of unintelligible language. To address this issue, the method of using music videos has been used to assist MBPK in improving their achievement and attracting their interest, where the combination of colourful audio visuals in the music video displayed is able to stimulate thinking and attract MBPK's interest in learning English. This method aids them in understanding the message they wish to convey during the English teaching session. This practise was implemented in 2018 at Sekolah Kebangsaan Malim (Malim National School) Melaka with 5 MBPK (learning problems) form Class Sinaran 3 as a respondent. Data from pre and post tests were analysed qualitatively, and observation forms were used to assess MBPK's interest in the methods employed. According to the findings of this best practice, there is an increase in achievement as well as students' interest in learning English. This demonstrates that the use of music videos can pique students' interest and boost their performance in English classes. It is hoped that the findings of this study will help to implement teaching and learning using music videos as one of the teaching aids among special education students.




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