• Kama Shaffeei


Career Transition Program, Special Needs Student, Special Education Integrated Program, Special Education Teacher


The purpose of this study is to analyse the needs of the Special Needs Career Transition Program in school. The Special Needs Students Career Transition Program was implemented to prepare the Special Needs Students with basic and vocational skills as well as individual employment aspects. The objective of the study was to (1) identify the level of readiness among Special Education Teachers in the implementation of the Career Transition Program for Special Needs students in the Special Education Integrated Program (SEIP) and (2) identify the Special Need Student readiness level in the Career Transition Program at SEIP. The research methodology used quantitative method and survey to answer the research questions. The sample were 107 Special Education teachers who implemented the Career Transition Program in schools. The findings show that the readiness level of special education teachers (mean=3.99) need to be enhanced with the implementation of the basic skills courses and the Malaysian Skills Certificate (MSC). Special Needs Students (SNS) [mean=3.88] need to be trained and equipped with 3 basic skills (Reading, Writing, Counting), Vocational Basic skills, Basic self-management skills, Social skills, Communication skills, Problem solving skills, Basic technology skills and deep interest in the field before participating in the Career Transition Program. Meanwhile, the aspects of compliance with the Career Transition Program Guidelines are well-respected and need to be further enhanced among school administrators. It is proposed in the future, all the Special Education teachers must have the Malaysian Skills Certificate and Vocational Skills courses in order to enhance their competence. SNS should be educated with a high degree of self-determination based on their abilities and passion. Systematic Career Transition Program modules and frameworks need to be developed to explain SNS direction upon completion of the Career Transition Program. It is hoped that this study will provide ideas and contributions in streamlining and implementing the Career Transition Program in the future.




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